Washington, D.C. Leads in ENERGY STAR Facilities

03/27/2015 |

Capital ranks #1 in certified buildings

Washington, D.C.

While home to the federal government, Washington, D.C. also leads the country in another way – housing the most ENERGY STAR-rated green buildings in the nation with 480 certified facilities in 2014. Following closely behind with 475 buildings is Los Angeles, with Atlanta, New York, and San Francisco rounding out the top five.

The EPA notes that the ENERGY STAR program is responsible for helping over 25,000 buildings save nearly $2.4 billion on utility costs and prevented GHG emissions equivalent to the yearly electricity use of 2.4 million average homes. The agency also points out that buildings certified under the program demonstrate performance better than 75% of U.S. facilities, using an average of 35% less energy and producing 35% fewer emissions.

“This is the type of leadership we need from city leaders and building owners who are demonstrating that increasing energy efficiency strengthens local economies, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and helps preserve a healthy planet for future generations,” says Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator. 

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