Best Practices Developed for Solar Installation, Operations

04/02/2015 |

New guides will drive down startup costs

Solar panels

Looking to boost investor confidence in the viability of solar photovoltaic systems, the Solar Access to Public Capital working group has released two best practice guides to help standardize the processes of system installation, operations, and maintenance. The guidelines were developed with input from 425 members of the photovoltaic market, including areas such as development, financial, and engineering, among others.

The group hopes that by ensuring the uniformity of the photovoltaic use process, potential investors will be more confident in the ability of solar systems to provide stable energy production and predictable return on investment. Additionally, the group hopes that the use of standardized practices will help cut due diligence costs, project review times, and other barriers to solar implementation.

SAPC Best Practices in PV System Installation and SAPC Best Practices in PV Operations and Maintenance are both available free online and include recommended contractor qualifications, performance indicators, and other external resources.

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