Living Building Challenge Requirements Work with LEED

04/06/2015 |

Green programs combine to improve building sustainability

Office building

Looking to move away from competition and towards collaboration, the USGBC has announced that the energy and water requirements from the Living Building Challenge will be recognized within the LEED green building program.

This means that projects that meet Living Building Challenge guidelines will be considered equivalent to LEED, providing an easier framework for facilities and building professionals to ensure that their sustainability initiatives see results and receive the recognition they deserve. This decision is part of a larger push by the USGBC to be more inclusive with the LEED program by streamlining the certification process and working to ensure that the various rating and certification programs work together rather than against or in competition with each other.  

“USGBC and the International Living Future Institute, developers of the Living Building Challenge, share a common commitment and goal to transform the way we design, build, and operate our buildings. The Challenge plays an important role on the green building performance curve and is a complement to LEED,” says Scot Horst, chief product officer for the USGBC.

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