New York Sets Wind Power Generation Record

04/09/2015 |

1.5 MW milestone reached

Wind power

Electricity generated from renewable sources continues to gain space in the power grid as New York becomes the first state to generate over 1.5 MW of power from wind. When the record was reached, the electricity from wind generation supplied 7% of the 20,894 MW total system demand, according to the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).

Currently, New York has 1,744 MW of wind capacity, growing 3,500% since 2005’s mark of 48 MW. While the milestone is certainly important, more renewables are on the way in the Empire State with another 2,000 MW of wind projects currently proposed and 147.4 MW of solar power recently installed in 2014, vaulting New York to 7 on the annual Top 10 Solar States ranking from the Solar Energy Industries Association.

While NYISO notes that the variability between available wind power (due to its dependence on changing wind speeds) and system electricity demand is an issue, they point to the use of forecasting techniques and power dispatch procedures to meet demand using a least-cost, bid-based system that integrates the produced wind power.

Could wind generation help your facility cut grid dependence? Take a look at these 6 Considerations for Wind to learn more. 

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