DOE Funds Projects to Improve LEDs and OLEDs

05/22/2015 |

Initiatives will improve lamp efficiency and lighting controls

LED Bulb

As part of the overall goal to cut consumer costs and reduce energy consumption in the U.S., the DOE has announced funding for several solid-state lighting projects to improve the performance of LED and OLED lamps. Initial targets include increasing LED energy efficiency by 66% and improving the color tuning and adaptive lighting elements of controls.

The projects will receive around $8.2 million, withprivate sector companies also investing to bring the total over $11.5 million. The funding will support the development of:

  • An organic LED bulb with better efficiency and light output than conventional LEDs.
  • An LED lighting system for offices with controls that optimize energy efficiency and benefit the health and wellbeing of occupants.
  • Dynamic designs for lighting systems in classrooms.

“These Department-funded projects will help tap the full energy-saving potential of solid-state lighting, and create jobs in related industries across the United States,” says Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz.

Looking to make the switch to LEDs in your facility? Check out this guide to 3 LED Performance Points to make the right lighting decision.

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