Leaders in Green Leasing Recognized

06/01/2015 |

Energy, water use reductions spotlighted for honors

Commercial building

Tenants and building owners participating in the 2015 Green Lease Leader program are saving an average of 20% per month on energy and water costs.

Best practices including initiatives that allow for sharing of the costs of energy saving improvements, ensuring spaces are built out to green or energy-efficient standards, and obtaining and sharing access to energy consumption data and ENERGY STAR scores between landlord and tenants, helping to improve transparency.

The program, established by the Institute for Market Transformation and the DOE’s Better Building’s Alliance, recognizes tenants and brokers in addition to property owners for improving facility sustainability. 2015’s winning organizations lease or own 415 million square feet in North American buildings in a wide variety of sectors such as offices, retail space, and manufacturing facilities.

Looking to engage occupants to save energy but not ready to renegotiate the lease? Check out how Games Can Encourage Energy Savings.

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