Corporate Energy Goals Are Too Vague

06/30/2015 |

Survey shows lack of concrete commitment to efficiency improvements

Energy efficiency

While energy efficiency remains a key topic from a business perspective, new research shows that few companies have created concrete plans to reduce energy use. The survey found that while 57% of companies have an energy efficiency strategy and 67% have invested in initiatives within the past three years, only 26% of organizations have a long-term energy management plan. Also noted as an issue is measurement, with less than half of surveyed companies able to accurately quantify the savings gained as a result of the initiatives.

The study, which was performed by international certification body DNV GL – Business Assurance and research institute GFK Eurisko, surveyed over 1,500 professionals working in a wide variety of sectors. The respondents also noted the main obstacles to energy efficiency improvements, with economic constraints, other priorities, expensive implementation, lack of returns, and focus on short term results coming in as the most common impediments to progress.

The researchers predict that as companies increase commitments to efficiency in the future, actions such as staff training, identification of energy savings potentials, and preparation of energy management plans will increase as organizational initiatives become more mature. 

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