USGBC Aligns LEED with CALGreen Program

07/08/2015 |

Alternative certification path to improve sustainability in California buildings

Green building

Looking to make LEED certification easier to achieve in California, USGBC has announced an alternative documentation path for construction projects that are subject to the California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen). With CALGreen covering almost all nonresidential construction in the state, the latest certification option for facilities professionals will further incentivize green practices even if energy and water efficiency targets are expanded as a result of the ongoing drought.

Instead of using the standard LEED documentation, the process allows projects to submit a different set of documents to demonstrate program compliance. This optionwill cover building improvements such as efficient refrigerant management, storage and collection of recyclables, indoor water use reduction, use of low-emitting paints and adhesives, and construction waste management.

“Leveraging California’s code infrastructure and the obligations of licensed professionals to adhere to the laws of the land, these new streamlined documentation options offer cost savings to project teams while maintaining the quality and rigor of LEED,” says Jeremy Sigmon, director of technical policy, USGBC.

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