Certification System for Building Envelope Components

07/21/2015 |

Performance ratings now available for thermal, weather, and air barriers

Commercial windows

In an effort to verify performance and assure manufacturers and end users that products will meet design, code, and certification requirements, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has launched a certification and testing program for building envelope components. The program will test the rate of air infiltration, water penetration, structural, impact, and cyclical performance for windows, doors, and curtainwalls, as well as mock-up and field testing for curtainwalls.

The program will provide real, verified performance information for building owners, contractors, and architects to select efficient, reliable products. It will also provide confirmation for manufacturers that the doors, windows, and other envelope components they produce live up to advertised performance. Learn more about the program at: www.UL.com/windows.

“These new testing capabilities not only help validate the design and material selection of the building envelope, but also help deliver assurance that windows, curtain walls, and storefronts are compliant with industry standards and requirements,” says Wayne Breighner, engineering manager of UL Fenestration Services.

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