Obama Finalizes Clean Power Plan

08/04/2015 |

New program from the EPA will cut GHG emissions

Power plant

The EPA’s final version of the Clean Power Plan, which creates the first national limits on carbon pollution in the U.S., has been announced by President Obama. The plan mainly affects power plants and will cut CO2 pollution by 870 million tons by 2030 – a reduction of 32% below 2005 levels.

The ambitious new program also focuses on reducing the creation of pollutants that create soot and smog, with sulfur dioxide emissions set to be cut 90% and nitrogen oxide emissions to be slashed by 72% by 2030. The EPA notes that these measures are expected to help avoid up to 90,000 asthma attacks and up to 300,000 sick days taken by workers and students, as well as preventing 3,600 premature deaths.

Noting that the U.S. uses three times more wind and 20 times more solar than in 2009, the EPA’s plan will look to use existing strategies to increase the amount of energy generated from renewable sources, as well as setting achievable state-specific goals. Learn more about the new Clean Power Plan at the EPA’s website.

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