Consolidated Standard for High Performance Buildings

08/06/2015 |

ICC, ASHRAE will streamline compliance path for IgCC and Standard 189.1

Commercial building

In an effort to provide a simpler set of standards for sustainable, high performance buildings, the International Code Council (ICC) and ASHRAE have signed a final agreement to take a collaborative approach to the creation and maintenance of the new version of the International Green Construction Code. The code will be released in 2018 and will be powered by ANSI/ASHRAE/ICC/USGBC Standard 189.1.

The ICC will be responsible for the new code’s scope and administration and will work with ASHRAE for further improvements after publication. With ASHRAE and the ICC having already partnered to make Standard 189.1 an alternative compliance path for the IgCC in 2010, the new agreement will provide a single code for high-performance buildings.  Additionally, the new IgCC will be aligned with the LEED rating system to create obtainable above-code certification options for facilities.

“Our goal in this partnership all along has been to share resources to increase use of the IgCC and make it simpler for code officials, designers, and contractors to build environmentally efficient structures that will lessen energy and water consumption and reduce the carbon footprint,” says Guy Tomberlin, ICC Board President.

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