Facility Smart Grid Model Standard Available for Review

08/13/2015 |

Proposed ASHRAE rule to improve communication about energy consumption, forecasts

High voltage power lines

A standard designed to provide a new way for energy consumers in facilities to describe, manage, and communicate about electrical consumption and forecasts has been proposed by ASHRAE and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. ASHRAE/NEMA Standard 201P, Facility Smart Grid Information Model will create an object-oriented information model that allows building control systems and appliances to manage electrical loads and generation sources while communicating with a smart electrical grid.

The standard defines afacility as any building or group of buildings and all the electrical loads and energy generation sources controlled by the building owner or manager. Additionally, the new rule will also coordinate with the North American Energy Standards Board’s basic energy usage data model standard, commonly known as Green Button. To read the full draft of the standard or submit comments, visit ASHRAE’s website.

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