IAQ Assessment App for Educational Facilities

08/14/2015 |

Tool will help schools improve air quality

Facility manager using smartphone

A new mobile app has been released that is designed to help school districts perform comprehensive IAQ assessments to monitor and improve the health of students and staff. The School IAQ Assessment app provides strategies to address environmental health issues such as ventilation, cleaning and maintenance, environmental asthma triggers, radon, and integrated pest management. FMs using the app will have access to tools from the EPA’s Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools action kit, as well as new guidance such as the EPA’s air quality guidelines for energy retrofits and similar projects.

Additionally, the app is intended to work with and help improve existing IAQ management programs as well as acting as a centralized reporting tool to help school districts organize facility assessments and rank the relative value of various IAQ improvements. The new tool is available for iOS and Android devices – learn more and download it for free here

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