Tool to Assess Retail Cleaning Needs

08/21/2015 |

New resource can help FMs create scope of custodial work

Cleaning cart

A new tool has been created that is designed to help FMs in retail settings define what type and how much work will be necessary to achieve various levels of clean. The Janitorial Workload Tool, released by the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM), can help define the appropriate scope of work for Request for Proposals (RFP). It can also calculate a budget for custodial services and keep a benchmark of the facility’s current level of clean.

The interactive spreadsheet tool takes into consideration factors such as productivity rate, cleaning schedules, and store type when calculating recommendations for janitorial staffing needs. There are also cleaning task lists and an evaluation form allowing retailers to define their current levels of facility cleanliness. Sign up to use the tool here.

“This tool will enable retailers and multi-site facility managers to understand where the company currently stands in terms of cleanliness and provides a roadmap for the facility managers to take the next steps to get to their desired level of cleanliness,” says Patricia Dameron, Executive Director for PRSM.

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