Healthcare Institutions at Risk of Cyber Attacks

08/26/2015 |

Data breaches becoming more common

Computer hacker

Due to the high-value nature of their information, healthcare institutions are a common target for hackers – a new survey shows that 81% of healthcare executives report that their organizational infrastructure has been attacked or compromised by one or more malware, botnet, or cyberattacks during the past two years.

The 2015 KPMG Healthcare Cybersecurity Survey, which polled 223 executives at U.S. healthcare providers and health plans, also showed that only half feel they are adequately prepared to prevent attacks and 16% can’t detect a breach in real-time.

Additionally, the researchers also found that attacks are on the rise, with 13% of respondents saying their organizations are targeted about once per day and another 12% reporting two or more attacks per week. The report notes that in terms of revenue, larger organizations are better prepared to defend against cyber threats than smaller ones.

According to the survey, the most vulnerable areas include external attackers, sharing data with third parties, employee breaches, wireless computing, and inadequate firewalls.

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