U.S. Navy Invests in Solar Power

09/03/2015 |

Arizona installation will provide 210 MW of renewable energy

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus commemorates the opening of the Mesquite Solar 3 project in Arizona. PHOTO CREDIT: U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Armando Gonzales

In the largest ever purchase of renewable power by a federal entity, the U.S. Navy has committed to a power purchase agreement (PPA) that will provide 210 MW of power and support 14 bases. The decision is part of the Navy’s ongoing plan to become more energy secure, and the 650,000 photovoltaic panels will provide one-third of the energy for the Navy and U.S. Marines bases. 

Additionally, the Mesquite Solar 3 project, which will be located 60 miles west of Phoenix, will help the 14 California military bases comply with the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard while being projected to save over $90 million over the life of the project.

The investment will provide 21% of the power necessary to meet Navy Secretary Ray Mabus’ goal of bringing 1 GW of renewable power into procurement by the end of 2015. With the Mesquite Solar 3 project underway and other installations in North Carolina and Georgia also getting off the ground, the Department of the Navy is set to meet the goal, with 1.2 GW of projects in development.

Looking to implement renewable energy in your facility? These guides can help you decide whether purchasing or leasing makes the most financial sense. Additionally, these 5 implementation tips can help you make sure your building saves as much as possible.

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