Sensor to Detect Corrosion in Concrete Structures

09/08/2015 |

Device can identify risks when weaknesses first appear

The researchers' device can help identify potential threats to building integrity. PHOTO CREDIT: UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE VALENCIA

A new sensor system has been developed that can non-destructively detect risk of corrosion in concrete building structures when symptoms initially appear, enabling repairs and interventions to be made before significant damage is sustained. The researchers from the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia also note that utilizing the device to make preemptive repairs can help to cut costs and increase facility safety.

The system uses a pulse voltammetry unit that measures corrosion on points corresponding to a network of sensors.Custom software then analyzes received responses from individual sensors and diagnoses potential issues. The scientists say that the new design will help to cut time and expense from identifying building corrosion by measuring the speed of corrosion in real-time, even in non-accessible areas of the facility.

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