Free Building Monitoring System Released

09/24/2015 |

Open source software to help FMs streamline facility operations

Man at office looking at computer

A new BMS system is now available at no cost that can track building energy use in real-time to streamline operations and save energy. Additionally, the system collects information about occupancy, temperature, electricity use, and building automation systems. The software, which was developed by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, was originally created for AHFC to manage their own portfolio of facilities in areas with a variety of climates, but by using federal funds, the agency was able to make the software available to the public.

The system can be used with sensors that communicate real-time information, which canhelp to ensure proper building operation, aid in design stages, troubleshoot issues, and automatically shut down non-critical operations during unoccupied periods. The open source nature of the software means that not only is the new BMS system free for anyone to use, but it can also be customized and modified for specific organizational needs. More information about the BMS system and instructions on how to download can be found at the AHFC’s website.

Looking for more energy saving opportunities in your own building? Check out this list of 5 areas that could be wasting power in your facility.

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