California Law to Double the Efficiency of Existing Buildings

09/25/2015 |

New legislation will increase use of renewables, energy retrofit funding

California state capitol building in Sacramento

The state of California has passed a new law that will both raise the state’s renewable energy portfolio standard from 33% to 50% as well as requiring a 50% increase in facility energy efficiency by 2030. The renewable energy requirements will be fulfilled by municipal utilities, which are required to purchase clean power to replace the use of other sources. The building requirements will be enforced by implementing efficiency programs and giving the state’s energy agencies the authority to create enforcement and accountability mechanisms.

Additionally, the provisions in the California SB 350 regulation will create a portfolio of best practices and techniques to help building operators reach the new standards, including energy assessments, building benchmarking, energy rating, energy efficiency improvements, expanding the use of public and private sector retrofit financing options, outreach efforts, and workforce training programs.

“Taking carbon out of the modern economy requires heroic efforts and tireless struggle. SB 350, in both efficiency and renewable energy, ratchet up the California commitment. We have the technological means and now we have the legal mandate to reduce carbon pollution,” says California Governor Jerry Brown.

Looking to boost your own building’s efficiency? Check out these 6 strategies with proven energy reduction results.

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