Use of Antimicrobial Coatings in Non-Healthcare Facilities Predicted to Grow

09/30/2015 |

New sanitation options for facilities will protect, repair surfaces

The use of smart antimicrobials in non-healthcare settings will continue to grow in the future, as new research predicts the non-healthcare market for antimicrobial coatings and surfaces will be worth approximately $225 million by 2020. While this figure is still lower than that of the full market including healthcare settings – which may reach $3.3 billion in value by 2018, the Markets for Smart Antimicrobial Coatings and Surfaces – 2015 to 2022 report from n-tech Research, a research firm, projects that implementation in non-healthcare facilities will continue to grow. Factoring into these projects is the fact that while silver-based smart antimicrobials are the most popular selection and will continue to rise in popularity, the growth will be hampered by more institutions and FMs choosing effective alternatives such as peptides as well as environmental concerns about the use of silver.

Additionally, the report predicts a trend towards the use of antimicrobial formulations with new properties such as self-cleaning, which can boost the antimicrobial effect by washing away microbes, as well as self-repair, which can seal surface cracks and eliminate areas where microbes may be found. The report predicts that the market for antimicrobial options including self-cleaning and self-repairing capabilities will reach $120 million by 2020. While healthcare facilities are expected to remain as the largest user of the coatings and surfaces, areas such as high-traffic areas in buildings are highlighted as an area of strong market growth due to the serious threat that microbes can pose to occupants.

Looking for more ways to keep germs out of your building? These Tips for Eliminating the Flu Virus in Facilities can give you a head start.

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