Optimize Building Operations with Latest ASHRAE Guideline

10/02/2015 |

Process can boost performance of existing facilities

Commercial building

A new guideline has been developed with a step-by-step process that provides tools for building owners and facility managers to improve the sustainability and performance of existing structures, as well as help implement procedures that will ensure the benefits last over the life of the building. ASHRAE Guideline 0.2-2015 Commissioning Process for Existing Building Systems and Assemblies includes guidance on planning, assessing, investigating, implementing, verifying, and documenting facility performance in an effort to achieve efficiency or performance goals.

The new guideline has 10 sections that provide recommended steps to add to the existing building commissioning process, in addition to 23 annexes to help FMs organize the steps into a concrete set of activities and commissioning documents. In addition to example documents prepared for actual projects, the annexes also provide flow charts, RFQ and team selection information, costs/benefits data, and tips for preparing a variety of types of commissioning reports. To purchase the guideline or learn more, visit ASHRAE’s website.

Looking for more tools to help you improve facility efficiency? Check out how BOMA’s new Performance Contracting Model can speed up energy projects.

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