Sit-Stand Desks Help Workers Remain Active

10/06/2015 |

Combination workstations help improve activity levels

PHOTO CREDIT: UI Department of Health and Human Physiology

Office workers who use sit-stand desks tend to be more active at work, with a new study showing that employees using the desks stood a full 60 minutes longer per day than co-workers with traditional desks, and even continued to use the desks after the novelty had worn off. The research from the University of Iowa also shows that the sit-stand desk users walked six minutes per day longer than sitting coworkers, with the extra activity translating into 87 extra calories burned per day.

With the prevalence of sedentary jobs rising by over 80% since 1960, the researchers believe that the use of sit-stand desks could be a valuable tool to curb rising obesity levels in the U.S., withsedentary office work cited as a contributing factor. While the study only involved 69 participants, it was the first research to examine the use of sit-stand desks among workers who were accustomed to using them, with the average participant having used their sit-stand configuration for nearly 2 years prior to the study.

Looking for more ways to keep occupants active? Pedaling while working has also been shown to increase activity levels for sedentary workers.

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