FMs Play Increasing Role in Strategic Workplace Decisions

10/09/2015 |

Survey finds organizations more reliant on building professionals to implement distributed work

Employees in meeting

Facility managers and real estate professionals are driving workplace strategy decisions related to the implementation of distributed work, according to a new survey from IFMA. When asked who was in charge of distributed work decisions, FMs were mentioned by 30% of respondents, coming in slightly behind senior executives who were cited by 38% of respondents.

The survey summarized in IFMA’s report, Distributed Work Revisited, was performed across a variety of industries mainly in the U.S. and Canada. An increase in the number of workers using unassigned space to work and a decrease in the actual allocated space for the shared space were also identified as key trends in the report. The report includes distributed work case studies and a section that summarizes key strategies that FMs can put to use in their own facilities when implementing distributed work programs.

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