BIM Guideline for FMs in Development

10/15/2015 |

Tool will help support building performance requirements

Businessman on tablet

A new guideline is being created to help FMs and other building professionals use building information modeling (BIM) software during the design, construction, and operations processes. The National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS) is taking the lead on creating the new guideline with help from AIA, BOMA, IFMA, and ASHRAE. While based on existing BIM guides, the National BIM Guideline for Owners will be more generic and will include uniform requirements for use by government, commercial, and institutional facility owners and managers.

The guideline will provide building owners and managers with documented processes and procedures that enable design teams to create a uniform set of BIM documents that can be used during the design and construction stages as well as allowing FMs to better optimize maintenance and operations to support performance requirements. Once the process of creating the new guideline is complete, it will be submitted to the appropriate standards developing organization to go through a consensus process and be published jointly as an industry standard.

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