FMs Prioritize Security Over Going Green

10/30/2015 |

Survey shows intelligence of U.S. buildings could be improved

While the majority of facility managers are aware of the beneficial nature of green building improvements, a new survey shows that most still prioritize security over sustainability, with half of respondents believing that their facilities aren’t technologically advanced enough to maximize energy efficiency. The study, conducted by Honeywell and KRC Research, surveyed almost 500 buildings in seven major U.S. cities to assess their overall building intelligence based on the use of technology to make them green, safe, and productive.

The research found that the overall intelligence of U.S. facilities is low, coming in at 35 out of a possible 100. Included in the green measurement is information about the building’s use of resources, heating, cooling, and energy consumption monitoring, as well as environmental footprint, while the safety category includes access control, surveillance, fire systems, emergency communications, and life safety improvements. Productivity was assessed by counting technologies such as IAQ sensors, lighting systems, data infrastructure, and electricity systems to provide constant power.

The study’s authors point to office facilities and multifamily buildings as the least intelligent industry with the most opportunities for green, productive, and safe improvement while municipal facilities, hospitals, and airports are leading the way in operational improvements.

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