Benchmarking Improves Multifamily Buildings

11/03/2015 |

Minnesota study shows reporting tools can drive energy, water savings

Apartment building

Benchmarking energy and water performance can drive savings in multifamily buildings, according to a new study that shows average savings of 5% on energy and 30% on water.

The 2-year study was conducted in 550 multifamily structures across the state of Minnesota and divided the buildings into control and treatment groups, with buildings in the treatment group receiving access to an energy analysis service and advice from a dedicated energy analyst to assess whether the services helped drive improvements.

The study’s authors hope that the findings will help provide a method for FMs to prioritize energy efficiency improvements and improve operational efficiencies, as well as demonstrating that benchmarking is a viable strategy on a large scale in the state of Minnesota. The full report is available here.

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