DOE Initiative to Improve Building Energy Efficiency

11/11/2015 |

Data-driven program analyzes portfolio information

A new software program has been released by the DOE that will help cities and states do a better job of managing energy performance data for their buildings and find new opportunities for improvements that can boost efficiency. The Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) Collaborative will create a three-year partnership of a selected group of cities and states that will receive assistance, participate in information sharing, and provide input on possible improvements to the DOE’s SEED Platform, one of the tools used for the Better Buildings Challenge.  

The open source software will enable cities, municipalities, and state to manage, combine, and analyze data for large groups of buildings, which is currently a time-consuming and expensive process for organizations with large portfolios. Additionally, the DOE hopes that the launch of the new tool will help incentivize private companies to develop products and services based on the SEED platform that can help utilities, building owners, and FMs better control efficiency in their portfolios.

Looking for ways to improve your building’s energy performance? Check out this guide to the Better Buildings Challenge to see if this efficiency program could be right for your facility.

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