Data Center Integration is the Next Frontier for Smart Buildings

11/17/2015 |

Intelligent IT systems projected to improve facility intelligence

Server in data center

The number of building owners and FMs utilizing intelligent building solutions across onsite and enterprise data centers is projected to continue rising until 2025, according to a new report.

The study from Navigant Research, Integrated Data Center Energy Management, says that while building intelligence is commonly assessed based on the use of software and services to improve efficiencies in systems like HVAC and lighting, data center operations are quickly joining the mix and energy management strategies for onsite and enterprise data centers will increase in popularity over the next decade.

The report also projects increased coordination in investment in energy conservation measures, equipment upgrades, the use of software and services, and integrated data center management as drivers for energy and operational efficiency gains for facilities or other structures housing data centers.

“An integrated approach to managing on premise data centers can help intelligent building customers continue to support their core mission of providing effective data centers and efficient, comfortable facilities while saving energy and capital with more sustainable operations,” says Casey Talon, senior research analyst for Navigant Research.

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