GSA Aims for GHG Reductions

11/24/2015 |

Federal agency plans to cut carbon emissions

Federal building

The GSA will commit to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 54% below FY 2008 levels over the next decade, in an initiative designed to support the new GHG reduction commitments from the Obama administration. The new goal is well above the 42% government-wide average commitment, but GSA leaders are confident in the administration’s ability to meet the new demands, pointing to the fact that it’s already cut emissions by 43% since 2008. The GSA will use a variety of strategies to meet the goal including utilization of renewable energy, building renovations and fleet management.

The GSA plans to utilize strategies such as Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) to help finance building renovations, with first-year savings projected to reach nearly $3 million. Additionally, the GSA says it will focus on net-zero energy building design for upcoming federal projects as well as purchasing renewable power.

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