Government Energy Consumption Falls in 2014

12/07/2015 |

Renewables, water reduction strategies highlighted as drivers of the decline

Government building with U.S. flag

The federal government is using the least amount of energy since data collection began in FY 1975, according to data from the EIA showing that consumption dropped by 0.94 quadrillion Btu in FY 2014. While the agency notes that much of the decrease is due to the Department of Defense’s drop in jet fuel consumption, federal buildings are also mentioned as important sources of energy and water usage cuts across multiple government entities.

The EIA’s report highlights the use of renewable energy sources in buildings among the government’s accomplishments and ongoing goals, with 6.1% of building energy use coming from renewable sources in FY 2014 – less than 4% below the intermediate goal of 10% by FY 2016. Water intensity is also mentioned as a major goal for federal buildings, measured in gallons per square foot with a goal of 36% reduction below a FY 2007 baseline by FY 2025

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