DOE Releases Aggressive HVAC Efficiency Standard

12/21/2015 |

DOE rule projected to save up to $167 billion over 30 years

Rooftop HVAC unit

New efficiency standards from the DOE covering commercial air conditioners and furnaces are projected to save up to $167 billion in avoided costs over the equipment’s lifetime. These measures will conserve more energy than any other standard from the agency to date, as well as cut emissions by 885 million metric tons over the next 30 years.

The standard will affect the rooftop air conditioners most commonly used in low-rise buildings such as schools, office facilities, retail, and foodservice establishments. The first phase of the new standards will take effect in 2018 and require an efficiency improvement of 13% on new products, with another 15% increase in efficiency being required five years after. Visit the DOE’s Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy website to learn more about the new standards for commercial air conditioners and warm air furnaces.

Looking to drive down your facility’s utility costs? This guide to improving economizer efficiency can keep your HVAC’s energy consumption manageable.

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