Solar Power Intensifying in Virginia

12/22/2015 |

State aims to cut carbon footprint with solar deployment

Richmond Virginia skyline

The Commonwealth of Virginia has set a new goal to increase the amount of renewable energy used to power the state’s operations, looking to acquire around 8% of its electricity from solar power over the next three years. The plan, which was announced by Governor Terry McAuliffe and developed by the Governor’s Climate Change and Resiliency Update Commission, calls for increases in solar deployment on state property as well as providing recommendations for the state to address the impacts of climate change.

The 110MW of new solar generation will be made possible through partnerships with Dominion Virginia Power and other third-party developers, and projects will be created through a variety of utility and private agreements. Additionally, the arrays are expected to range in size from utility scale photovoltaic installations to smaller “behind-the-meter” applications.

Interested in solar but not sure your facility is ready for a large installation yet? Check out this Guide to Solar Area Lighting to learn about alternatives that can increase green procurement for a lower upfront cost.

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