FMs Are Missing Opportunities for Big Energy Savings

12/28/2015 |

IoT implementation, lighting improvements can improve building efficiency

Commercial building

While most FMs recognize the potential value of efficiency improvements for buildings, a new survey shows that less than 30% are aware of the actual power consumption in their facility and less than 50% are planning to utilize IoT solutions to boost performance. The study, conducted by Digital Lumens and Peerless Research Group (PRG), surveyed 230 FMs in warehouse and distribution centers with an average size of 330,000 square feet. Despite some barriers to efficiency, understanding energy consumption was a top priority for almost all (93%) of respondents.

The research also found that 79% of respondents would like to replace lighting fixtures as a first step toward improving their energy profile. The role of IoT solutions is also highlighted, with 20% of FMs reporting that they’re very familiar with the technology’s capabilities. The study’s authors note that with around two-thirds of FMs interacting with IT departments when employing upgrades, new technology could be a major driver of improved facility efficiency.

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