Restroom Standard to Improve ADA Compliance

01/11/2016 |

Guidance to keep individuals with disabilities safe in public washrooms

Restroom sign with accessibility symbol

A new standard has been released that helps FMs maintain ADA compliance and protect people with disabilities from the dangers of exposed piping in public restrooms. The C1822: Specification for Insulating Covers on Accessible Lavatory Piping standard from ASTM International will provide guidance for selecting and installing covers for exposed pipes in accessible bathrooms.

According to the ADA, exposed piping in public restrooms must be covered due to the risk of burns or other injuries from contact with pipes that are too hot or too cold. Additionally, covers are required to reduce the potential of injury from contact with sharp or otherwise dangerous physical elements of the piping.

The standard will help building professionals identify proper insulation materials, as well as provide durability, safety, and health guidelines for selecting proper cover materials. The standard allows specifiers to select one of four fire performance classifications depending on the facility’s needs.

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