Is Your Envelope An Energy Waster?

02/05/2016 |

Tool assesses performance of fenestration systems

Building windows

A new standard has been released that establishes a process for assessing and recording the thermal performance of fenestration systems in commercial facilities. The document was developed by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and outlines the ways in which fenestration systems (windows and doors) can affect a building’s energy performance: thermal heat transfer, solar heat gain, visible transmittance and air leakage.

Additionally, the AAMA 507-15 Standard Practice for Determining the Thermal Performance Characteristics of Fenestration Systems in Commercial Buildings includes information about measuring condensation resistance, which is not typically included in building codes. The standard has been updated since its last iteration in 2012, and the reporting certificate has been changed from being called a Certificate of Compliance to now Fenestration Product Rating Certificate. To learn more about the standard and how to purchase, visit the AAMA’s website.

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