Code Changes to Improve School Safety

02/10/2016 |

Guidelines to protect occupants from intruders

Classroom in school building

New recommendations for classroom security measures have been added to the 2015 International Building Code and International Existing Building Code that provide options for locking procedures. The changes are in response to growing incidence of violence at educational facilities. While the IBC and IEBC recommend the installation of new security measures, the safety improvements will not be mandatory.

The IBC’s guidelines allow classrooms to install locks to prevent intruders from entering the room as long as 1) the door can be opened from the outside with a key or other means, 2) the door can be opened from the inside, and 3) modifications aren’t made to any hardware on the door. The provisions also recommend remote locking systems for classroom doors as long as they adhere to all of the other requirements. The new sections of the IEBC are identical, except for including language mandating that modifications that go against installation requirements for new construction are not to be made.

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