Smart Windows Improve Operations

02/11/2016 |

Block UV rays, glare, and solar heat while saving energy

Building windows

Improvements to smart window technology will drive a large increase in implementation, with a new report projecting a 21.13% compound annual growth rate for the industry through 2020. The study from Sandler Research notes that the growth will primarily come as a result of increasing awareness of benefits such as UV ray blocking, light regulation and energy savings. Other benefits include shielding furniture from damaging light that can cause fading, cutting the amount of energy required for HVAC energy usage, and regulating daylight through the use of photo sensors.

The report predicts more growth in electrically activated smart windows than their environmentally activated counterparts, noting the fact that existing sunlight doesn’t affect their operation as a reason for projecting more growth in the area. Ease of operation, as well as heat and light control, are also mentioned as key benefits of electrically activated smart windows. Learn more and download the full report here.

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