New Standard to Measure Workplace Safety

02/12/2016 |

Standard provides guidance for effective safety program integration

Office workers

A new standard has been released to ensure that workplace health and safety programs are implemented in ways that yield measurable results for organizations. The UL904Z Standard for Integrating Health and Safety in the Workplace was developed by UL’s Integrated Health and Safety Institute (IHSI) with input from industry stakeholders and provides a list of program components that organizations should include when implementing new initiatives.

Additionally, the standard includes a method that can help organizations monitor their success at improving the safety and health of workers. The IHSI notes that while relatively few organizations are currently using such programs, they’ve been demonstrated to effectively change the workplace culture and foster healthier habits for occupants.

“The standard for integrating health and safety in the workplace offers organizations the guidance necessary to fully integrate their health and safety programs, maximizing employees’ health and productivity while improving both programs’ effectiveness and reducing costs,” says Todd Hohn, Global Director of IHSI.

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