New User’s Manual for Standard 189.1

02/15/2016 |

Navigate over 65 changes in the 2014 edition

Walkway in front of a building

Need help navigating ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2014 for high performance buildings? A newly published User’s Manual clarifies the intent and implementation of the guidelines by explaining its requirements and providing example applications. Over 65 individual addenda were modified across all sections so it’s worth a look at the changes.

Key provisions include:

  • Minimum stormwater management benchmarks.
  • New rules for bicycle parking, as well as preferred parking for low-emission, hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • A mandatory predesign assessment of native and invasive plants.
  • Prescriptive paths for on-site renewable generation.
  • Two performance options that will comply with energy efficiency thresholds.
  • Addition of lighting quality to the scope of the indoor environmental quality.
  • Requirements for lighting controls and preoccupancy ventilation.
  • Clarification about the air sealing of filtration and air-cleaning equipment.
  • Moisture control guidelines to reduce negative impacts associated with moisture migration through the building envelope.
  • Prerequisites for multiple-attribute product declaration or certification.
  • Maximum mercury content of certain types of electric lamps.

Standard 189.1 addresses water use, energy, indoor environmental quality, emissions, materials, construction and plans for operation. Full details available at

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