Free Tool to Improve Building Energy Performance

02/17/2016 |

Asset Score program expands to more facilities

Man looking at computer screen

The DOE has announced a new set of partnerships to encourage the use of its Building Energy Asset Scoring Tool (Asset Score). The web-based software, which is available free of charge for commercial and multifamily building managers and owners, can help find options to boost energy performance and efficiency. Asset Score has also been updated to include a Preview feature, which allows users to conduct a simple analysis by entering information from a limited amount of data to receive a score range from the full Asset Score scale.

Since the tool was launched in 2014, the DOE reports that 825 commercial and multifamily residential buildings have utilized it, with over 83 million square feet measured. Partner organizations include 21 companies, government agencies, and local government bodies that commit to using the Asset Score on ten of their facilities, producing a case study for the DOE, or promoting the program with educational materials.

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