Iowa Leads Nation in Wind Power

03/02/2016 |

State produces over 30% of energy from the renewable source

Wind turbine in a corn field

The state of Iowa is the first to pass the threshold of producing over 30% of its electricity from wind power. New data from the EIA shows Iowa’s wind percentage of total generation sitting at 31.3% – nearly 6% higher than South Dakota, which is in second place at 25.5%. Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Dakota round out the top five, with only Kansas reporting a value higher than 20%.

In addition to the green benefits of renewable power, reports from the American Wind Energy Association show that its implementation has added $11.8 billion to Iowa’s economy and the 40% mark could be achievable within the next five years in the state.

“With potential to jump above 40% in the next five years, we are committed to building an even greener Iowa future that will provide our Iowa families with cleaner renewable energy and job opportunities,” says Governor Terry Branstad.

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