Tax Credits for Reflective Roofs

03/03/2016 |

Rebate database helps maximize value of roof coatings

Building roof

Designed to help building professionals find information about rebates, loans, grants, and tax credits for reflective roof coatings, the Reflective Roof Rebates Database has been made available to the public. The tool, created by the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association (RCMA), uses information specific to the building’s location to find available benefits such as energy and reflective roof rebates within a state or ZIP code. The database works for both low slope and steep slope roofs with reflective coatings.

Information is updated every three months for most states with California, Florida, and Texas data refreshed monthly. Also included in the tool’s listings is information about eligibility links to online applications, and supporting documents to help users assess which opportunities their building may qualify for. The database is available here.

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