Manufacturing Facilities Volunteer to Reduce Energy

03/09/2016 |

Industrial buildings earn ENERGY STAR certification for energy efficient practices

Manufacturing facility

70 U.S. manufacturing facilities have earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR designation for energy efficient operations in 2015. Together, the buildings saved $476 million on electricity costs over the course of the year as well as eliminating more than 5 million metric tons of GHG emissions. The certification is awarded to facilities that perform in the top 25% of their sectors for energy performance on a yearly basis. This year’s winners included manufacturing from the food, automotive, pharmaceutical and construction material industries, including nine facilities earning their certification for the first time.

Since 2006, the ENERGY STAR certification program has awarded nearly 150 facilities representing over 618 trillion BTUs in electricity saved. As part of the certification program, the EPA offers benchmarking tools and energy saving strategies specific to 11 separate sectors that can help building professionals compare their performance and identify improvement opportunities. Learn more about the program and how to sign your facility up at the ENERGY STAR website.

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