New Standard to Improve Building Security

03/14/2016 |

Guide promotes integrating security types for a streamlined approach

Building security office

A security standard is being developed to encourage organizations to use a holistic approach that includes understanding how various types of security work in concert with each other. The standard, a result of collaboration between ASIS International, (ISC)2, and ISACA, will include strategies to help manage intersections between physical, information, cyber, wireless network, password, and intangible asset security.

Additionally, the new rule will focus on helping all parties within an organization understand how their actions can affect security procedures and physical/cyber safety, as well as providing training programs and other awareness measures. Training will address strategies to avoid security breaches and tools to help individuals and organizations recover after an attack.

“The human element is central to any successful security strategy. By promoting a ‘security awareness culture,’ organizations can proactively prevent problems that detract from achieving their business objectives,” says Dr. Marc H. Siegel, Commissioner of the ASIS Global Standards Initiative.

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