See How Projects are Earning LEED in 2016

03/16/2016 |

Advanced energy, water, waste management systems help Georgia facility secure Gold designation

Office building


Green features supporting energy and water conservation, waste management and transportation efficiency have helped earn LEED Gold certification for an office building owned by Cox Enterprises. The 578,000 square foot facility, located in Sandy Springs, GA, is the second building on the company’s corporate campus to earn the Gold designation.

Energy-efficient building systems include a solar panel array over the parking deck that produces 72 MWh of renewable energy as well as shade for workers going to and from their vehicles and a high-efficiency HVAC system to slash consumption during times of low demand, plusenergy efficient lighting, occupancy sensors and controls. To cut water usage, the facility uses a 15,000-gallon cistern to collect ground and rainwater, low-flow fixtures in restrooms and water-efficient food service equipment.

The facility’s green practices also extend to waste management by outfitting each occupant’s desk with small trash and recycling containers as well as placing composting and recycling stations in common areas such as break rooms. In addition to providing renewable energy, the facility’s parking deck includes tools to help occupants “green” their transportation, offering bicycle storage areas, designated parking for carpools and charging stations for EVs.

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