Cell Phones Carry Germs in Healthcare Environments

03/22/2016 |

Disinfection procedures may not be adequate to protect patients

Hallway in healthcare facility

While the use of cell phones and tablets can streamline healthcare operations, the devices could be harboring dangerous bacteria says a new study. Researchers from the National Center for Biotechnology Information examined the cell phone use of orthopedic surgeons in operating rooms by swabbing for bacteria before and after regular disinfection practices.

The scientists found that 83% of cell phones’ surfaces tested positive for pathogenic bacteria before disinfection and 8% still tested positive even after the regimen. Additionally, the study found that after a week had elapsed, 75% of devices again tested positive for the dangerous bacteria. The researchers suggest that given threats associated with device use, they should be disinfected frequently or not used at all in higher-risk areas.

Looking to improve safety in your healthcare facility? These operations ideas can help!

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