DOE Tool to Help Energy Benchmarking

03/31/2016 |

Resource provides best practices, case studies for energy use reductions

Benchmarking energy performance

The DOE has released a new resource that can help improve the effectiveness of energy benchmarking efforts. The Energy Data Access: Blueprint for Action Toolkit provides advice, best practices and real-world examples of the strategies and upgrades that help improve energy performance in commercial facilities. The tool’s release is part of the DOE’s ongoing effort to provide over 2.6 million commercial ratepayers with access to their building’s energy data by 2017.

The toolkit includes strategies for utilities to develop data access programs for buildings, a guide to balancing data access with customer confidentiality requirements, and outreach ideas to help communicate the value of benchmarking and energy efficiency programs to stakeholders. Learn more or download the tool at the DOE’s Better Buildings Solution Center.

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