New ASHRAE Resource for Data Center Flexibility

04/04/2016 |

Guide will help streamline data center operations

Data center

A new guidebook will help data center operators maintain system flexibility, scalability and adaptability. IT Equipment Design Impact on Data Center Solutions is the 13th installment of ASHRAE’s Datacom series and offers tips on ensuring that IT equipment and data centers work together to enhance business operations.

The book builds on the information included in the first 12 books and adds updates on IT equipment, thermal design considerations and how to manage IT equipment-data center interaction. ASHRAE notes that the new book will help building professionals better manage the explosion in data from IoT-connected devices that can strain the hardware capabilities of backend IT systems. Learn more and purchase the book at the ASHRAE Bookstore.

Looking for more ways to boost data center performance? These strategies can help you get started!

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