Local Governments Codifying Sustainability

04/05/2016 |

Energy audits, lighting upgrades top list of green improvements

City hall building with American flag

One-third of local governments in the U.S. are now using sustainability plans, according to a new survey. The Local Government Sustainability Practices 2015 survey conducted by the International City/County Management Association polled leaders from 1,899 local governments. Sustainability plans were tied to strategies to increase economic development almost 68% of the time, with 60% of governments prioritizing energy conservation and 48% focusing on disaster mitigation concerns.

The survey also ranks the most popular green improvements for local governments, with lighting upgrades for facilities and energy audits coming out as the most popular improvements, noted by 64% and 63% of respondents respectively.

Lack of funding was noted as the most common factor hampering sustainability goals, notes 88% of respondents. Other factors standing in the way include funding restrictions, lack of staff support or capability, lack of information, lack of community support, and opposition by elected officials.

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