Dow Wins Big for Water Efficiency

04/08/2016 |

New management strategies, collaboration models drive successful water initiative

Droplet of water

The Dow Chemical Company has been honored for its efforts at reducing water usage, receiving the U.S. Water Prize from the U.S. Water Alliance. The company is recognized for creating new strategies to manage water use, offering products and technologies that can help others cut consumption and developing effective water reduction collaboration strategies with partners.

The award program highlights Dow’s implementation of water efficiency improvements with other organizations, including helping a water facility cut the energy needed to desalinate saltwater by 12% and partnering with an oilfield operator to recycle nearly 100% more of the water it produces.

Additionally, the company’s Dow Water & Process Solutions unit is noted for improving technology for water reclamation and being a vocal advocate for a “circular economy model” based on reuse of valuable resources.

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